Welcome to Houston! It’s a great city in many sense but at the same time it is really a big city & that can make it little difficult to find the best place for you to live. In order to help you to settle and enjoy in Houston, we have composed list of areas which you can find helpful.

In general people have following priorities when they look for an area to find apartment/house.

  • Good Schools (if you have kids)
  • Distance from Work Place
  • Cost of living
  • Community Presence
  • Availability of Hospitals, Safety etc.

Woodlands Cypress Katy Galleria Downtown SugarLand Stafford Missouri PearlandFollowing are the areas which cover one or more of above criteria, for most of the people.

Please click on the city name in the following map to get school vs apartments list.Please note that school information is subject to change,so please verify independently.